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About Malta | EU Residency, Property, Investment

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Malta with Merle ....
As a South African in Malta, I know the people, the places, the prices, the procedures ..... I'll show you the ropes at no cost and no obligations!

Q&A 45 minute sessions to unravel the mysteries of Malta EU Residency, Property Ownership, Business & Investment opportunities and of-course the option of European holiday destination.

It’s much easier that you think. No cumbersome requirements and quickly processed.

If you're not able to attend one of these sessions, please feel free to contact me on email for your questions or if you have a visit to Malta planned.



Kindly be advised that this event will be rescheduled.Please feel free to contact me directly on merle@maltalifestyle.com
Yikes, sorry I got my dates mixed up. Event is Thursday 22nd. See you in Hermanus


Thursday, March 22nd 2018 09:00am


Harbour House Hotel Hermanus
22 Harbour Road
7200 Hermanus


maltalifestyle.com, Hermanus

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