Michelin EWXC round 2 | Heidelberg

Michelin EWXC round 2

What's happening?

Entries open on Race Control.
Multiple Lap Cross Country (motorcycles only), to be held at at Heidelberg 4x4, Heidelberg, 17 March 2018.


Igor has worked hard to prepare a Junior/ Ladies B track that really offers a bit of everything. The 85cc Juniors and the Ladies B class will also do the "extension" shown towards the end of this video clip. Novice ladies who are not not sure about doing the extended bit should rather enter the Green class which will not be doing the extended part. Don't forget to watch the preview of the main route here too. Enjoy the ride!
Prepare yourself for a pretty tough EWXC Route at Heidelberg! Take a ride with Gary to see just the first three and a half minutes ...


Saturday, March 17th 2018 06:30am


Heidelberg 4x4/enduro adventure park
1438 Heidelberg


Enduro World, Heidelberg

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